Gonna be ugly for a little while, kids…

I will be working on the site, live, in my spare time… which means that you’ll get to see all the gritty, grimy ugliness unfold right before your eyes. But like the story of the ugly duckling, the swan will soon emerge!

Oh yeah…. the Live Chat still works. All other stuff, not so much.

02.18.12 update — I am shutting down comments and registrations temporarily, so that I don’t have to deal with spammers while working on the site. The Live Chat still works.

We’re back! (Well… almost)

You’re looking at the beginning of a new home for ShamrockReunions.com!

You’re probably wondering what happened to the old site. Basically, the reunion site was OLD; at least, the content management system on which it was based. The site was moved to a new server with all-new coding and functionality…. and it broke. There was no sense in fixing it, so it was taken down until a new home for its almost 2,000-strong alumni membership could be developed.

So, what do we want the new SHS site to look like? And what do we want to do here? Post your suggestions in the comments below!